We all have busy lives and getting a new car can takes days to become a reality. Maybe you have been thinking about getting a new car, but the very thought of the entire process can seem draining and ultimately bring your plans to a screeching halt. We promise that the excitement of getting a new car with us will ease your anxieties around purchasing a new car.

We also realize that trading in your old car for a new car can occupy a lot of your time. Don’t even think about selling privately. It can also take up too much time. Plus you'll have to vet all the responses you get, host strangers who want to examine the car, and after countless hours you may not even get what you're asking for. In the time it takes for you to list your car online and find a buyer, you could already be driving off the lot with a new car!

There are plenty of benefits to trading in your car for a different model. You can avoid depreciation of your vehicle, save several thousand dollars on your next purchase, and pay less in your sales tax! If you sell to a private party and your car still has issues, the private seller could approach you after the sale to claim payment for the car issues. With trade-in, you can sell your car as is without the worry. Who wouldn’t love a deal like that?

At ValuCar Glenwood, we want to make things easy for you because we understand we don’t always have the time to finish the most important things during our busy weekdays.

If you own your car outright, you can sell your car to Valucar at Glenwood, and we will add your trade-in value amount toward the purchase of a new vehicle! Don’t waste time selling the vehicle yourself.

We have a wide selection of vehicles on our lot and even our online inventory to get you started trading your car in today! Call us for all your Car Trade In questions and we will happily help you get your deal today!

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